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Rating: #1

Femanol is by far the most effective natural product we have found in helping to control vaginal odor. Femanol is an all natural herbal product made by MedcoSouth, a company whose customer service is second to none. We have not found a better all natural product or company to assist in controlling Vaginal Odor and maintaining normal Yeast levels. If you have reoccurring Vaginal Odor or Yeast Imbalance you owe it to yourself to try Femanol and to continue to take it to help with a reoccurrence. The best part is if you are not completely satisfied you have a full year to return for a 100% refund, MedcoSouth will even refund the Shipping and Handling charge. We know of no other company that does that.

Score: 99

Recommendation: Very Highly Recommended


Note: Our readers have reported phenomenal success with this product!

Femanol™ is one of the few products to receive our Gold Seal of approval.

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Rating: #2

MedcoSouth the makers of Femanol, the #1 selling vaginal odor product, has introduced a new and improved Enzara product. Initial reports are that it is almost as effective as Femanol at a lower price. So for women without a severe problem, Enzara may be a good lower cost alternative.




Score: 90

Recommendation: Recommended

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Five Tips for you

Don't Douche: You should not douche unless it is recommended by your gynecologist, which is very unlikely. Douching can destroy the natural balance of healthy bacteria in your vagina.

Wear Loose Undergarments: Avoid nylon panty hose unless they have a breathable cotton insert in the crotch. It is also advisable to sleep without any panties but at the very least they should be light cotton. As a matter of fact you should only wear cotton panties.

Cleanse Correctly: You should use a non scented soap to cleanse your vaginal area. Avoid bubble baths or chemicals added to your bath water.

Hygiene: Always wipe from front to back after using the toilet.

Eat Right: Your diet should include lots of fresh vegetables, fruits and grains. Some of the most beneficial foods you should eat are plain yogurt, oat bran and brown rice. You should avoid sugar as possible, as bacteria feeds on it.

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