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Nicocure™ is the best all natural way to help you quite smoking we are yet to find. Users report Nicocure™ helps eliminate all cravings for Nicotine and makes Cigarettes taste terrible. They have a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, so all you have to lose is that disgusting life threatening habit!

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Crave RX

Nicotine is a poison and is the reason why smokers are at risk for a wide range of illnesses, some of them fatal. Most people stop smoking to reduce these health risks caused by regular use of nicotine.

We believe that there is little sense in hanging on to the nicotine while trying to stop smoking. This only increases your health risk and keeps you addicted to nicotine.

Using nicotine products can certainly help to reduce the craving and severe withdrawal symptoms you feel when you try and stop smoking! However this is only because your body is getting the nicotine in a different form.

Crave-Rx Drops contain a unique combination of selected herbal ingredients which have been shown to help reduce the craving for nicotine due to their balancing effect on the brain chemicals known to be associated with addiction.

Crave-Rx Drops also contain herbs which will help to with the sugar cravings and overeating which often cause people to go back to smoking due to unwanted weight gain.

Crave-RX has a 60-day money-back guarantee so you can try it risk-free.

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Five Tips for you

Believe: Studies have shown that on a daily basis, there are 15 million smokers that try to quit, but only 3% are successful for 3 to 12 months. Smokers usually have to quit more than once to actually succeed. Smokers have to believe in themselves and have the mind set and commitment that they can quit.

Plan: Create your own plan for quitting. Make a list of the reasons you should quit smoking. You know that cigarettes are bad for you, but also know what it is doing to your family and friends that donít smoke. Write down on paper the reasons to stop. You know you will live longer and save money and you know your family and friends will support you.

Pick A Day: Decide on a day that you will put out that last cigarette forever! Write it down alongside the reasons you are going to quit. Prepare in your mind that this will be a whole new beginning to the first day of the rest of your life. Have a party to let all your friends and family know you are determined to quit.

See Your Doctor: Visit your Doctor and tell him your desire to stop smoking. Your chances are much greater if you have support and guidance from a physician. Get your teeth cleaned and whitened. A beautiful smile and fresh breath can give you a greater outlook on life and becoming a non smoker.

Talk: Start a new hobby or exercise program. Keeping yourself busy with your hands will help take your mind of smoking. Think of yourself as a non-smoker! Finding another smoker that is trying to quit can be beneficial and give you someone to talk to when times are tough.

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