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Eazol is designed to help relieve chronic pain of osteoarthritis, rheumatism, neuralgia, stiff joints, shingles, neck ache, and lower back pain. Eazol may also help provide pain relief from carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, fibromyalgia, muscle and joint pain, pinched nerves and sprains.

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Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Five Tips for you

Swim:  A good swim is excellent exercise and builds endurance which allows you to keep doing many other activities you love, while taking pressure off your joints.

Take a hike: Choose your favorite spots and walk them at least once a week. Hiking burns calories, strengthens muscles and builds denser bones, while providing interesting scenery and a chance to get in touch with Mother Nature.

Soak in a tub:  A warm bath can soothe aching joints and muscles. A warm bath just before going to bed can relieve aching joints and ease muscle tension helping you get a good night's sleep.

Use hot or cold packs:
To relieve pain and stiffness, try using warm compresses or microwaveable heat packs. You can also try applying cold packs to sore areas which can reduce swelling and pain. You can make a cold pack with a plastic bag and ice with a small towel wrapped around it or just use a bag of frozen peas.

Quit Smoking:
If you smoke you are at greater risk of bone fracture than nonsmokers. Smoking can actually reduce bone mass, which can often lead to osteoporosis. Smoking is not only bad for you, it is expensive.

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